eyebrows, eyebrows, eyebrows

I have always been a little makeup obsessed. When I was younger I used to save up my money, walk to the nearest CVS and spend HOURS browsing the makeup isle. Seriously, just thinking about it I can remember how much joy that isle brought me(still does!). Anyway, in 2015 this beauty from the Bachelor taught me the importance of BROWS, Ashley I.


I mean come on look at those brows! Can we just take a moment and appreciate all the beautiful things that have come from the Bachelor franchise? Obviously, the most entertaining television quite possibly ever, the rise of the “social media influencer” and most importantly Bachelor in Paradise.

I digress, eyebrows. I get asked about my brows all the time so I thought I’d do a little video tutorial on how I get my brows the way I do. If you don’t do your brows wtf is wrong with you? I highly recommend you start. I promise it will totally change the final product of your look. Think of eyebrows as the frame of your face. Would you spend time and money choosing the perfect photo for your home, having it printed and then just taping it to your wall? NO! Of course not you buy a frame and finish the look.

I’ll link the products I use below so you can find them but I highly recommend going to a local makeup counter, I like Ulta and testing out products for yourself so you get the right shade/products for you. Enjoy and comment below any questions you have or if you would like me to do more tutorials/reviews!


same but different

Hi Everyone! It has been a hot minute since I last blogged, like 6 or 7 years HOLY SH!T. If you did not know I used to write a little blog, also called My Life in Sweats about my life with Corey and the kiddos(we only had two then). It was basically a journal and photos of the cute, funny, sweet, not cute, not funny and not so sweet things my babies did. Here is a little visual to give you an idea…..

Photo on 2010-03-31 at 15.30 #3

I am honestly not sure why I stopped. I am guessing it had to do with the fact that as they got older and busier we traded days of playing in our basement, riding bikes in our cul de sac and swimming in my moms pool for soccer games, ballet class and homework. And while I miss the days when I could solve their problems with a sucker or a snuggle the ages they are right now is so fun! Added bonus, I can not tell you how nice it is to live in the land of no diaper bag, sippy cups and strollers. Oh and PRAISE BE(Handmaids Tale anyone?) I traded in my mini van for an suv! Besides moving on from baby/toddlerville there have been a TON of changes to our life since I left off so let me get you up to speed……

We added a kiddo to the mix in 2013, Eliot Rose.


Adopted the BEST pup in all the world, Sam.


We moved into a beautiful 1930’s colonial in 2014 and have been fixing it up room by room.


Corey started his own business Cincinnati WebTec and works full time from home.

Screen Shot 2019-01-12 at 8.24.27 AM
Cincinnati WebTechttp://Cincinnatiwebtec.com

And I started homeschooling our kiddos last year.


It’s been crazy and wonderful and so so fast. This blog will be pretty much the same as my old one just prettier(thanks corey) and more content because my life does not consist of diapers, naptime and popsicles and looks more like this ….

Same but different.

So be sure to subscribe so you can follow along and leave a comment below with ideas of what you would like me to share!